Quality Control

The raw material goes under several test for the chemical composition and mechanical qualities as soons as it comes from the supplier. Then raw material is sent for processing Heading Machine is a part of processing. The production supervisor authorises the heading machine operator to load wire onto the machines after confirming the wire’s diameter.

First off Inspection:  
Once the machine has been configured to produce the necessary products, few sample pieces are verified and approved by the supervisor

Inspection of the process:
After the first off inspection is approved, the products is ready for production. At regular intervals, the operator inspects the product while it is still in the process.

Final inspection:

A random check is made to ensure the product’s quality after all operations are finished and before it is sent for packing. For the final inspection, checking is done after. Dimensional inspections using digital callipers, micrometres, and gauges a) Visual inspections


Following the last inspection, the material is sent to the packing department where each item is labelled with the precise size, drawing number, total weight, and few sample pieces per packet. The material is then packed in plastic bags or according to the clients’ requests.